Accounting Services to Free Up Your Time

Accounting Services


Keep Profits Up and Your Assets in Check


Staying on top of tax changes, providing investors with information, tracking your cash flow and analyzing your assets and liabilities all comes at a price: your valuable time. With EOX Vantage’s Accounting Services through our Enterprise Operating System and Managed Services, efficiently track, analyze and report your business income.


EOX Vantage’s expert tax and bookkeeping Managed Services allow you to outsource accounting work and free up your time, all at a cost you can afford. Our services include:

– Cash Flow Strategies

– Convenient Digital Document Sharing

– Daily Account Reconciliation

– Daily Reports with Complete Transparency

– Estate Planning

– Monthly Profit and Loss Statements

– Tax Liability Strategies

– Tax Preparation and Reporting

accounting services with EOX Vantage

Add Value with Information

Our on-staff certified public accountants make it easy to keep your investors in the loop. Our team delivers financial reports to let investors know exactly how and when their cash is being reinvested in your business. Ensure that your investors get timely updates and gain visibility into their true profits.

Our Accounting Services Keep Your Assets in Check

All businesses must answer these critical questions:


– Are you profiting or losing?

– Where is all your money going to and coming from?


Coming up with the answers can pose a time-consuming task as you also try to manage and track business performance. Allow our teams to do the work for you! We’ve got your assets covered.

Financial Operational Intelligence & QuickBooks Integration

Our trained professionals work to monitor your assets and liabilities, so you know how best to prepare for the future. Automatically bring your financial data into the Executive Dashboard of EOX Vantage’s Enterprise Operating System to gain complete visibility in real-time. View your data to clearly and precisely see where and how cash is being spent, and liabilities and assets are being analyzed.


We also give you the ability to generate QuickBooks reports from within the Enterprise Operating System, including:


– Accounts Receivable Aging

– Balance Sheet Comparison

– Balance Sheet Summary

– Invoice Statement

– Profit & Loss Summary

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