Go With It: Embracing the Unexpected to Drive Change2017 OX Workshop

Karen Hough
Founder & CEO – ImprovEdge (Powell, OH)

The sixth step to Operational Excellence is Adapting to Change. As Founder & CEO of ImprovEdge, Karen Hough is no stranger to this concept. In fact, she kicked off the events of the 2017 OX Workshop in her own unique way with a dynamic and interactive presentation that combines improvisation with the theme of embracing change. Guests of the workshop received a pre-release copy of Karen’s third book, ‘Go With It: Embracing the Unexpected to Drive Change’. You can learn more about it here: https://youtu.be/fz9NCs73ZX4 and also take a moment to check out Karen’s blog, updated every Monday: http://blog.improvedge.com/

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