Automating Business Decisions With BOS

Samantha Clark

Safety Administration Manager – XPO Logistics/Intermodal (Charlotte, NC)

An important issue that tied together the People and Technology Tracks of the 2017 OX Workshop was Safety Compliance. XPO Logistics, Inc. has addressed onboarding and compliance challenges with technology and automation, specifically through Vantage Agora’s Business Operating System, OX Zion. We were delighted to have XPO Logistics / Intermodal Safety Administration Manager, Samantha Clark, to explain the benefits of having a rigorous Automation and Safety Compliance Program.


Arvind Gopalakrishnan

VP Technical Sales – Vantage Agora (Beachwood, OH)

As Vantage Agora’s first full-time employee, Arvind Gopalakrishnan has extensive experience delivering a broad range of solutions to clients worldwide. At the 2017 OX Workshop, he co-presented with one of our clients, XPO Logistics, Inc., to demonstrate how large companies can automate business decisions with technology, in particular, a Business Operating System like OX Zion.

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