Turn Data Chaos into Profit
EOX Vantage helps you solve problems by processing data so you profit through savings and sales.
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Data Chaos into Profit?

We help you grow your bottom line while providing significant value and streamlining processes so you can move faster than the competition. EOX Vantage is all about business intelligence and operational excellence – we’ve been helping companies achieve this since 2004.

EOX Vantage helps you turn data into profit. By using the power of technology, people and data science, our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified teams assess and address your needs and then create solutions to carry your business well into the future.

Why Hire Us ?

We have been helping companies fix and fine-tune their data collection and streamline their workflows since 2004. Our path of helping others succeed has led us to developing a solution offering that's right for you.

Enterprise Operating System

The EOX Enterprise Operating System

Our patented technology platform comes standard with omnichannel communication and the ability to run a slew of applications to help your company.



Eliminate repetitive tasks and take your in-house team to the next level. We eliminate human error and add a whole new set of functionality to your operation.

Data Science

Data Science

EOX data scientists have been the go-to resource for companies that want to get the most out of data they are collecting. Companies, like Intel, turn to us for answers to complex problems.

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Back Office

EOX Vantage started our journey by offering a variety of back office services - from simple data entry to accounting services. Our team of more than 450 professionals is ready to support your operations.

EOX Solutions

Enterprise Operating System

Our patented software platform comes with standard communications channels and lets you easily and quickly add new features as you need them.

Enterprise Operating System

Keep Your Data in One Place

By putting all your data in one secure place, you gain the flexibility of writing creative queries and discovering what makes youe company tick.

Add Features with App Studio

Using drag and drop technology, you can create new features and fuctions to suit your company. Our App Studio lets you build the apps you need!

Smart, Actionable Dashboards

Our colorful dashboards let you see the information you need to see, all in one place. They also allow you to take action by drilling deeper into data with just a click.

Customer Relationship Mgmt

Keep track of your clients, potential customers and your entire sales funnel with our CRM system. We keep you on top of where you are and where you're headed!

Human Resources Workflow

Our human resources workflow module eliminates time-intensive data gathering and filing. Electronic forms and e-signatures make it easy to on-board.   

Omnichannel Communication

EOS comes standard with secure,  easy-to-use chat, email and company-wide messaging. Download EOS on your phone to keep in touch everywhere.


Eliminate human error and repetitive tasks as we offer everything from straight-through processing to data workbenches to significantly reduce processing time.

Enterprise Operating System

Increase Profits

Our clients have experienced 5x growth in less than 24 months by engaging our automation team. We use all the latest automation tools to streamline your processes.   

Reduce Hours of Work to Seconds

Ask your EOX Vanantage representative for a demonstration of our automation skills and watch databases, websites and other applications be accessed quickly and easily.   

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

EOX Vantage's RPA systems can learn, mimic and execute business processes. We'll help you interact with any system around the clock, nonstop — much faster and with 100% reliability and precision.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

While all of our automation tools dramatically increase efficiency, our OCR is a world-class solution. Our system has a greater than 95% accuracy rating with poorly scannned and handwritten documents.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

EOX Vantage's AI dramatically reduces human error and reduces the time taken to perform tasks. We set up tasks to run 24x7 with no downtime, which offers an ROI that every company can embrace.

Machine Learning (ML)

Our ML continually evolves, constantly learning how to better serve your business by efficiently handling your data. We can automate virtually anything, which cuts workload and time. Contact us to learn more!

Data Science

We help clients like Intel assess ideas, predict outcomes and see data in a whole new light. We can help you too!

Data science


We predict the future of our clients' businesses through reviews of historical data. This helps us look at trends or future events and determine future demands for a product or a service.

Pricing Optimization

Today, it's easy for customers to compare prices. Our data science team offers predictive models that allow you to determine the optimal price for each product or service you sell.

Improve Decision Making

Intel approached our data science team and challenged them to run a variety of scenarios on a new technology that can lead to improving safe driving  practices.  We delivered, saving them signifcant capital.

Churn Prediction

We decrease customer churn by improving loyalty, satisfaction and retention. Learn which customers are likely to churn and why. We review millions of data points and discover what drives customer behavior.

Fraud Detection

Our statistical data techniques find frauduent transactions and actions that can negatively affect your bottom line. We review huge amounts of data to keep you ahead of bad actors looking to hurt your company.

Incredible Flexibility

We can answer your questions or find the questions for you to ask. Benefit from our business intelligence, help your sales and marketing efforts, increase information security and interpret complex data.

Back Office

Call it managed services, knowledge process outsourcing or business process outsourcing; but we offer resources to help your company save money, make money and grow.

Back office, managed services, knowledge process outsourcing or business process outsourcing

Save ~60% on Back-Office

Free up your staff to work on projects that benefit your bottom line. The increased efficiencies we offer have helped clients quickly realize an average savings of 60% and an ROI that you can appreciate.

Actionable Information Overnight

Our teams provide insights that suggest steps you can take to improve operations. Our actionable reports help decision-makers be proactive, solve business problems and embrace new opportunities.

Grow Your Business 24/7

Our back office professionals are available all day and night. Wake up to new data points, ideas and processed paperwork — projects your competition spends extra time and money to complete.

Financial & Accounting Support

Find peace of mind when considering your cash flow and financial dealings. We help develop strong financial systems, maintain accurate, updated records and identify ways to grow and increase profitability.

Data Analysis

Rapidly adjust to disruption and uncertainty with EOX Vantage Back Office. We help create new sources of stakeholder value and innovation and increase pervasive adoption and value.


Whether it's competition research or a list of tradeshow attendee emails, our professionals have the resources and the wherewithall to get you the answers you need and the information you want.

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We're always happy to talk about improving operational efficiencies, operational intelligence and everything else that we do to improve our clients' business.