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Moving Your Business Forward with Transportation Management Solutions


Transportation companies face many unique challenges, including the onboarding of independent contractors, compliance with copious federal and state regulations and a variety of complex insurance issues.


If you want to optimize and unify disparate management systems to eliminate information silos in your business and raise you to the next level operationally, take advantage of EOX Vantage’s extensive expertise in the field. Our Enterprise Operating System can provide you with the transportation management solutions you need. We partner with global leaders like Amazon Logistics and the rental fleets for Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai and Subaru auto dealerships.

Suggested Strategies

We recommend starting with our TeamedUp 2020 suite as a base for communications and collaboration (now available for free). Next, add on industry-optimized modules through our Enterprise Operating System for real-time, data-rich dashboards to enable visual analytics of:


– Revenue-based reports

– Ops-based reports – example: ELD data such as miles driven

– Asset-based reports – example: warranties, inspections

– Onboarding drivers

– Driver safety & compliance

– Driver scorecards

– Document (automated) workflow – example: BOL, invoice, load confirm

Transportation Management Solutions to Gain Visibility and Streamline Processes

With our reporting bundle, we consolidate data and business activities into a single dashboard, providing transportation companies with greater visibility into their fleets, and enhanced fleet management. We solve for a variety of transportation management needs and work with a number of carriers to manage the driver qualifications and onboarding process for safety and compliance.

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Custom Solutions, Digital Transformation, Managed Services

We can also amplify your business efficiency with:


1. Custom applications.


2. Digital transformation services such as the digitization of key processes.


3. Handling your back-office tasks like invoicing, order entry and overnight dispatch so your staff can focus on customer-facing efforts and other more profitable duties.


Let EOX Vantage help you connect and revitalize every part of your business: compliance, dispatch, maintenance, materials management, safety – whatever you need to succeed!

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