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Upcoming Events

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This is a list of the upcoming trade shows and conferences where we’ll be in attendance and/or presenting. This list is subject to change as everyone makes adjustments during this pandemic crisis.


We hope to connect with you, whether in-person at one of these upcoming trade shows and conferences, or virtually, so take a moment to fill out the form at the bottom of this page to schedule a time to meet with one of our representatives or ask us a question!


And be sure to check out our Digital Transformation Webinar Series.

August 29 - September 1: IASA (New Orleans, LA)
IASA – August 29 – September 1

Join us in New Orleans for IASA’s Annual Conference. Enjoy education, networking and learn how EOX Vantage is here to help you with the latest InsureTech solutions built on our patented insurance operating and reporting technologies. Build back time into business and program development, get your producers working on the best opportunities and max out their productivity in customer-facing priorities.

September 8 - 10: NPTC (TBD)
NPTC – September 8 – 10

Check back for more information.

September 19 - 22: NAMIC Annual (Nashville, TN)
NAMIC Annual – September 19-22

Check back for event details.

September 25 - 28: Truckload 2021 - TCA (Las Vegas, NV)
Truckload 2021 – TCA – September 25 – 28

Join us in Las Vegas from September 25 – 28 for Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) Truckload 2021! Hear from industry experts on topics such as: driver retention, risk mitigation and harnessing your data for better informed business decisions.

Stop by the EOX Vantage booth, #636, to learn about the industry-specific automation solutions and back-office support we provide to digitize and enhance trucking operations. And be sure to schedule some time with one of our representatives!

October 1 - 5 : CIAB (Colorado Springs, CO)
CIAB – October 1-5

We’ll have more information coming soon.

October 4 - 6: InsureTech Connect (Las Vegas, NV)
InsureTech Connect – October 4-6

Be sure to check back later for more information.

October 18 - 20: TMPAA Annual (Scottsdale, AZ)
TMPAA 21st Annual – October 18-20

More information coming soon.

October 23 - 27: Management Conference & Exhibition - ATA (Nashville, TN)
Management Conference & Exhibition – ATA – October 23-27

More information coming soon.

October 24 - 26: ARCO Annual Meeting (Scottsdale, AZ)
ARCO Annual Meeting – October 24-26

Check back later for more information.

November 16 - 19: WSIA Annual (San Diego, CA)
WSIA Annual – November 16 – 19

We’ll have more information coming soon.


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