Turning data chaos into profit

Turning Data Chaos into Profit?!

Everything we do is to help our clients grow their bottom line, provide significant value to clients and streamline processes so they can move faster than the competition. EOX Vantage is all about business intelligence and operational excellence – we’ve been helping companies achieve this since 2004.


Simply put, we help you turn data into profit.  By using the power of technology, people and data science, our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified teams assess and address your needs and then create solutions to carry your business well into the future. Welcome to EOX Vantage!

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business management solutions for insurance, transportation and manufacturing

Industry Expertise

EOX Vantage has been helping transform businesses for more than 15 years. We design and implement custom digital solutions, automate processes and facilitate operational efficiency for clients worldwide – with extensive experience with the insurance, transportation and manufacturing industries.

Why EOX Vantage?

We compete intensely on time and cost constraints while treating each client as a partner. Delivering a perfectly tailored solution is just the beginning. We also help to manage, maintain and improve each solution for you. Our product, the Enterprise Operating System, is what we use to run our own company!

when you partner with EOX Vantage you gain business management solutions that enhance efficiency

Business Management Solutions with the Enterprise Operating System

Improve Visibility and Control

Our Enterprise Operating System provides a suite of cloud-based apps to run your business all in one secure place. It brings together and leverages your data, granting you access to operational intelligence and real-time analytics. Components offer integrated email, CRM, actionable data dashboards, document management, project management, HR, quality assurance, organization management tools one-click Zoom meetings and much more. All of these features work together on one easy-to-use platform, helping your team be more productive than ever!

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Managed Services

Services to Transform Your Business

Reduce expenses, increase revenue and boost efficiency when our Managed Services team performs your back-office tasks. We’ll take care of your essential, non-core operational work, so you can focus on more profitable and customer-facing efforts. Our ISO 9001-certified support is tailored to your unique workflows. We can provide 24-hour support to address your peak season spikes and your daily on-going requirements.

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